AESC organised the 1st Asian Energy Conference and a Series of Energy Events (2-5 November 2015)

On the week of 2-5 November 2015, the Asian Energy Studies Centre (AESC), together with the Department of Geography, organised a series of energy-related events at HKBU. These events strengthened AESC’s global research network, brought the latest research insights and solutions in moving towards a sustainable energy future for Asia, including Hong Kong. These events have also strengthened the role of AESC as an increasingly recognised hub for sustainable energy studies on the Asian region.


1st Asian Energy Conference: Smart Grids, Sustainability Transition, and Innovation in Governance (2 November 2015)


The first event, “1st Asian Energy Conference: Smart Grids, Sustainability Transition, and Innovation in Governance” happened on 2 November 2015. It aimed to provide a forum for academics to share new policy and governance practices of smart grid development from Asian perspectives.


Keynote speakers included Prof. Rikiya Abe, The University of Tokyo, and Dr. Alice Siu, Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University, and other speakers included scholars and practitioners from North America, Europe, and other parts of Asia, including Hong Kong. About 50 people from utility companies, businesses, academia, NGOs, consulates, consultants, and HKBU and other local universities participated in various sessions of the Conference.


This Conference was sponsored by HKBU, Faculty of Social Sciences and Department of Geography, HKBU. Supporting Organisations included the Kadoorie Institute at The University of Hong Kong, and the Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University. 


Post-Conference Internal Research Meeting (3 November 2015)


Speakers and members of the organising committee of the Conference, as well as other scholars, gathered for the Post-Conference Internal Research Meeting on 3 November 2015 to discuss areas of collaboration and develop potential research plans.


Energy Research Seminar Series: Seminars No. 1-3 (3-5 November 2015)


Speakers from the US, South Korea, and the Netherlands presented on various energy topics, ranging from wind energy, nuclear power, to domestic energy consumption at the energy research seminar series on 3-5 November 2015.


The aim of the seminar series is facilitate discussion and ideas exchange among different stakeholders to promote a sustainable energy future in Hong Kong. These global experiences were valuable because they provided further insights on how Hong Kong could move forward from the perspectives of grid operations, municipal energy policies, and households. Supporting Organisations of this seminar series included Civic Exchange, Friends of the Earth (HK), and World Wildlife Fund (HK).