SOC Departmental Seminars: Building Policy Impact through Academic Research: Reflections from My Research on Gender Inequalities and Employment

The Department of Sociology organised a seminar titled "Building policy impact through academic research: reflections from my research on gender inequalities and employment" on 1 April 2021.


In the seminar, Prof. Colette Fagan (Department of Sociology and Vice-President for Research, The University of Manchester, UK) started the speech with a summary of the development of the ‘impact agenda’ for research in the UK, and an introduction of the ‘Impact Case Studies’ in the Research Excellent Framework (REF) in the UK. She then introduced her collaborative research project about gender equality and employment as one of the REF impact case studies of her university. Drawing on her research work, she discussed how the project was developed with close engagement with key user stakeholders, such as United Nations International Labour Organization, the European Union, and the European Commission. In the Q & A section, Prof. Fagan discussed with the audience about the practices and implications of ‘Impact Case’ in the Research Assessment Exercises in Hong Kong.


The importance of research impact has been increasingly recognized among academics and research funders over the last decade. Prof. Colette Fagan’s talk about building policy impact through academic research is very timely and important.