Graduation ceremony held for final phase of Inter-generational Community of Practice project

The final phase of a transdisciplinary three-year inter-generational Community of Practice project launched by the Faculty of Social Sciences drew to a close on 25 April with a graduation ceremony for the 30 participants from Kowloon City Baptist Church Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (Lok Fu) and Hong Kong SKH Lok Man Alice Kwok Integrated Service Centre.

Officiating guests included Professor Ricky Wong, Associate Vice-President, HKBU; Professor Atara Sivan, Associate Dean of Social Sciences, HKBU and the project leader; Ms Helen Yiu, Supervisor, Kowloon City Baptist Church Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (Lok Fu); Ms Law Kit-ying, Service Director, HKSKH Welfare Council Limited; and Mr Cheung Ka-wing, Lee Kau Yan Memorial School. At the graduation ceremony, students and older adults took part in performances and shared their experiences.

Professor Atara Sivan said: “The project established a community of practice consisting of HKBU students and staff, professionals, secondary school students and older adults who came together to share, learn and serve under the significant theme of Healthy Living. It has been a golden opportunity for our students to engage in experiential and action learning by working through a cycle of planning, implementation, observation and reflection with the support of staff and professionals, and the ongoing collaboration with older adults and secondary school students in the community. As the project evolved, they not only gained new knowledge and developed new skills but they also played leading roles as active team members demonstrating independence and creativity. All these are significant attributes that our university aims to develop in our students as part of its whole person education.”

She added: “While the ceremony concludes another phase of active inter-generational community engagement, we are now continuing to reflect on our collaboration with the aim of learning and creating practical knowledge that could be further transferred.”

In 2012, the Faculty of Social Sciences launched an inter-generational Community of Practice project to provide a platform for HKBU teaching staff, professionals, HKBU students, secondary school students and older adults to interact with and learn from one another. The project comprised teaching staff from different departments of HKBU, namely Education Studies, Social Work, Sociology and Physical Education. A total of 115 older adults, 74 HKBU students and 43 secondary school students participated in the three phases of the project.