SOSC 50th Anniversary Seminar — Recovery from COVID-19

COVID-19 has not only threatened lives since its outbreak, but it has also severely affected our daily routines and economic development, and it has even stirred changes in global politics and dynamics.


The Faculty of Social Sciences held the SOSC 50th Anniversary Seminar — Recovery from COVID-19 on 3 June 2021, with its scholars sharing their research and studies on the impact of the pandemic on individual, social, national and international levels from the perspectives of education, climate, politics, history, social work, sociology and health.


The seminar was one of the celebration activities for the Faculty’s 50th anniversary.


Dr. Kelly Ku (EDUC)

Thinking Critically about COVID-19: Lessons Learned from Optimism Bias

Dr. Gao Meng (GEOG)

COVID-19, Air Quality and Climate

Prof. Alistair Cole and Dr. Dionysios Stivas (GIS)

Trust, Transparency and Transnational Lessons from COVID-19

Prof. Wong Man Kong (HIST)

Unlocking the Lockdown in Education under the New Normal in Hong Kong: Some Preliminary Observations

Dr. Daniel Young (SOWK)

The Effects of Online Psychological Intervention for People with Emotional Distress

Dr. Li Yao Tai (SOC)

Global Health Without Borders? Moral Boundary-Making Dynamics in the World Health Organization’s Discourse on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Duan Yanping (SPEH)

Social Cognitive Factors, Individual Preventive Behaviors and Health Outcomes in Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic