Faculty of Social Sciences Kick-starts Golden Jubilee Celebrations and Establishes Endowment Fund to Support Student Development

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Social Sciences. A kick-off ceremony was held on 11 March 2021 to commence the year-round celebration activities for the Faculty’s golden jubilee. Taking this special occasion, the Faculty announced the launch of the Faculty of Social Sciences Student Development Endowment Fund to further strengthen its support of student development.


Founded in 1971, HKBU’s Faculty of Social Sciences has evolved rigorously to its current strength. It currently comprises seven academic departments - Education Studies; Geography; Government and International Studies; History; Sport, Physical Education and Health; Social Work; and Sociology, as well as 17 research and service centres focusing on a wide range of themes and professional fields. Upholding University’s philosophy of a whole person education, the Faculty is committed to nurturing students’ personal, intellectual and professional development with its liberal arts education.


Today’s kick-off ceremony was officiated by Professor Alexander Wai, President and Vice-Chancellor and Professor Daniel Lai, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at HKBU. The event was well attended by staff members and students from the Faculty and the University, and they shared in the joy of this special occasion.


In his welcome address, Professor Lai said that HKBU’s Faculty of Social Sciences has come a long way in the past five decades since its official establishment in 1971 and have nurtured more than 30,000 graduates.  The seven departments in the Faculty consist of multiple disciplines sharing diverse perspectives and academic culture. We focus on people and society, in the past, present and future. Despite the fact that there may be different and perhaps contradictory perspectives, viewpoints, and theories of understanding, the key vision that ties us all is to inspire success in students and build a better society.


“In the course of pursuing academic excellence, social science research and teaching are the foundation of our efforts. To sustain our Faculty’s strategic priorities of ‘world class research’, ‘best student experience’, and ‘sustained academic excellence through synergy’, the efforts of our students, parents, alumni, and fellow colleagues in our Faculty are critical and should be much appreciated,” said Professor Lai.


To further strengthen its ongoing efforts to nurture of students’ potential, the Faculty announced the establishment of the Faculty of Social Sciences Student Development Endowment Fund at the ceremony. From the 2021/22 academic year, the Fund will offer financial support to the Faculty’s students for their outstanding academic achievements, overseas exchange and attachment opportunities, and experiential learning activities. It will also support students who require financial assistance.


Professor Justin Chiu Kwok-hung, one of the most respected professionals in the property industry in Asia and a HKBU alumnus, was announced as the Honorary Advisor of the Fund by Professor Alexander Wai and Professor Daniel Lai at today’s ceremony. Professor Chiu will offer his invaluable guidance on the establishment and fundraising initiatives of the Fund.


In his sharing, Professor Chiu said it is important that ample opportunities are given to students from different backgrounds so that they can explore and develop their potential, and also pursue their dreams and become capable persons who can contribute to society. “The Fund will provide students, including those from a more humble family background, with the necessary resources to participate in a wide range of activities that groom their leadership and professional competence, and broaden their cultural exposure, personal networks and international horizons,” said Professor Chiu.


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