Results of the SOSC 50th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Social Sciences, a “Logo Design Competition” was open to all HKBU students, alumni and staff, and a total of 100 impressive entries had been received. Based on panel judging, the results of the competition are as follows:



Logo Design Awards

Design Concept


HO Chung Hang Vincent

(Staff and Graduate, HIST)

Self Photos / Files - logo_winner

Comprising of geometric patterns and four different colours, this logo unleashes the creativity and vitality of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The letters “SOSC” are the underlying fundament of the Faculty. The number “50” lying on the “S” and the “O” highlights the theme and is iconic. We keep the signature blue and green colours, which appeared on the current logo, so as to retain the cordial and harmonious image of the Faculty. The hazel gold-like colour reminds us that this is the year to celebrate the golden jubilee with faculty members, alumni and students. Adding the year of establishment on top of the logo is to accentuate the history of the Faculty, and recall the momentous journey that the Faculty has walked through. It is believed that there will be many more years to come.

1st Runner up

IP Wing Hin

(Alumnus, GIS)

Self Photos / Files - logo_1st runner up

The "0" on the right contains two S-shaped curve lines, which represent the abbreviation of “Social Sciences”. The blue part between the two "S" constitutes a curvy river, which means that the teaching philosophy and core ideas of the Faculty are like a continuously flowing river. The grass surrounding the river represents the Faculty nurtured talents and brought vitality to society in the past 50 years. The upper part of the word "5" on the left is composed of a pair of wings, which shows that the Faculty and students have broad visions and courage to explore.

2nd Runner up

CHAN Yi Ling

(Student, MSocSc in Media Management)

Self Photos / Files - logo_3rd runner up

“50” is the main element of the logo. The bottom part of “5” represents SOSC has been always studying the society. The “0” contains 3 head-shaped outlines, which represents people in society and their thought and behaviour. They are wrapped inside a speech bubble pointing to the SOSC. This means that SOSC has been actively studying the influence of people's behaviour and thought on society in the past 50 years. It also represents that SOSC has cultivated a lot of outstanding talents.


Apart from appreciating the creativity and meaningful design concepts of entrants, the Faculty is glad that all entries would provide the Faculty with valuable inspiration in shaping a distinctive new identity in the future. 


The Faculty would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners and thank all the entrants and voters for their support to the competition. The prize presentation ceremony will be held at 3pm on 11 March 2021 at SCC201, Level 2, Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports and Cultural Centre (SCC), Shaw Campus, HKBU.