Undergraduate Scholarships Presentation Ceremony

With great pleasure, the Faculty’s annual Undergraduate Scholarships Presentation Ceremony was held on Thursday, 23 April 2015 at Council Chamber, Hong Kong Baptist University.  This year, a total of 25 scholarships worth $153,500 were awarded to our outstanding undergraduate students. 


The Faculty Dean, Prof. Adrian J. Bailey, opened the ceremony by congratulating all awardees.  He also said, “The numbers of awardees, as well as the total scholarships amount are at a record high since it was first introduced three years ago.”  The applications received this year were increased by 75% from last year.  The Selection Committee had gone through a tougher screening process this year, they are able to select high quality students for the awards.


At the invitation of the Dean, Prof. Atara Sivan (Associate Dean for Learning & Teaching), Prof. Sandy Li (Head of Education Studies), Prof. Bernhart Owen (Head of Geography), Dr. Krzysztof Sliwinski (Associate Professor from GIS), Prof. Clara Ho (Head of History), Prof. S.Y. Cheung (Head of PE), Prof. Jack Barbalet (Head of Sociology), and Dr. Wong Man Kong (Programme Director of BSSc China Studies) were then invited to present the certificates to each awardee.  Once again, congratulations to the following scholarship recipients:


Social Sciences Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Social Sciences Scholarship for Community Action

Social Sciences Scholarship for Global Exchange

Miss CHEN Tianpei (BA HIST)


Miss CHENG Wing Sum (BSSc GEOG)


Miss KWOK Hoi Yan  (BSSc European Studies)


Mr. LAI Wai Ho  (BA PERM)


Miss TONG Athena Kerin (BSSc European Studies)


Miss YU Yan Wun (BSSc China Studies – SOC)


Mr. AU Ka Lun  (BA PERM)


Miss Cheung Yeuk Kiu  (BSSc China Studies – GEOG)


Miss KWOK Yuen Wa  (BSSc China Studies – GEOG)


Miss NG Hoi Ki  (BSSc SRL)


Miss TO Yuk Ting (BSW)


Mr. TSE Wing Leong (BSSc SOC)


Miss WONG Mei Ling (BSSc-GEOG)


Mr. WONG Tsun Kit Timothy (BSSc GIS)


Mr. YIP Wing Hang (BA English Lang & BEd in Eng Lang Teaching)

Miss CHAN Cho Yiu (BSSc China Studies – ECON)


Mr. CHAN Hei Yin (BSSc GIS)


Miss CHIU Shuk Ying (BSSc GIS)


Miss DU Yi (BSSc China Studies – SOC)


Miss FUNG Chole (BSSc GEOG)


Miss FUNG Sing Yu (BSSc GIS)


Mr. NG Wai Lam William (BA English Lang & Bed in Eng Lang Teaching)


Miss SUN Ming (BSSc GIS)




Miss ZHANG Fengjing (BSSc SOC)