Winners of Social Sciences Alumni Essay Competition

Three young contestants are awarded for their brilliant essays for the “Opportunities Competition” which is one of the celebratory activities of the 45th Anniversary of Social Sciences Faculty in 2016. 


The central theme of the competition is “What opportunities will your profession have to shape our society of 2061?” and individual contestants had set their own title for the essay.  The aim of the Competition is to inspire the current and next generation of social sciences students to recognize the tremendous opportunities around them from the alumni’s point of view. The Faculty formed a Review Panel to grade the essays before coming up with the three winners.


The Champion of the Competition is won by Miss CHAN Hoi Lam (陳海琳) for her essay “Make Strategic Decision with New Spatial Perspective – Yes We Can”. Miss Chan graduated in 2012 and she is an alumnus of Bachelor of Social Sciences in Geography.   With a short essay of around 800 words, Miss Chan gives plenty real life examples to ascertain readers on “Geography is an essential knowledge to provide a better understanding of how local and regional variance impact on the changing of human behavior and social phenomena.” The Review Panel Members commented that this essay has an inspiring title with high clarity of the main message delivered. All Panel Members rated high on its originality and creativity, as well as the presentation of the contents.


Miss HO Suet Chun (何雪真), graduate of the Bachelor of Social Sciences in China Studies – Economics Concentration in 2014, is the 1st runner up in the Competition.  Miss Ho adopts the direct dialogue approach to write her essay titled “Door” (一扇門).  The dialogue is between 7 alumni, namely Cherry, Khalil, Lorraine, Stefan, Charlie, Connie & Tiffany at a house-warming party in 2061. The conversation suggests some of the possibilities and development path of Social Sciences graduates.  She concludes with an inspiring message, “In 2061, possessing the 7 attributes of whole-person development that the characters manifested, namely Citizenship (Cherry), Knowledge (Khalil), Learning (Lorraine), Skills (Stefan), Creativity (Charlie), Communication (Connie) and Teamwork (Tiffany), we will be able to keep abreast of the latest social development and fit in perfectly, since we believe, these attributes gained from our profession will never become ‘obsolete’ even when everything changes in 2061...”


Miss CAI Peng (蔡芃), who graduated from the Master of Social Sciences in Sport and Leisure Management programme in 2013, comes third in the Competition.  Her essay is about “Fantasy World – Faster, Higher, Stronger” (「更快、更高、更强」的奇幻世界).  From her professional view point of management in leisure-related industry, she comes up with several imaginations on how scientific and technological tools advancement will shape our society into a healthier and for the pursuit of better lifestyle by 2061.  While addressing the advantages of intelligentization and virtual simulation for the world, she also points out an underlying message along with the Fantasy World.  She writes “one point to focus on is the legal issues of these high-tech equipment. If these devices used in the field of athletics, it will probably produce fairness issues. In addition, for the personal data uptake, it may generate privacy issues.” 


The Champion, 1st and 2nd runners will be awarded HK$7,000, HK$5,000 and HK$3,000 cash prize respectively. The prize presentation will be held at 3:30pm on 21 April 2016 in the Council Chamber (SWT501), Shaw Tower, Shaw Campus, HKBU.