EDUC Colleagues obtained a $1.4 Million Research Project


Dr. Anita Poon, Senior Fellow, Prof. Sandy Li and Mr. Tony Lai, Senior Lecturer, Department of Education Studies (EDUC) were commissioned by the Education Bureau, HKSAR Government to conduct a research project on "Knowledge Structure of Reading Skills in the Context of Student Adaptive Learning for English Language for Primary Schools to Enhance Learning and Teaching".

In order to enhance students’ English proficiency, schools are recommended to strengthen the teaching of reading skills and strategies, with a special emphasis on new literacy skills, with which students need to equip so as to meet new challenges in the new era of technology. The Education Bureau is now launching an unprecedented large-scale plan on building knowledge structures of English Language, Chinese Language and Mathematics for primary schools to enhance learning and teaching. The Department of Education Studies is invited to contribute to the subject area of English Language in the first phase of their entire plan. Student adaptive learning is a new initiative and so far very few countries have set up such systems.

This is a 12-month pilot research project aiming at exploring the feasibility of designing a student adaptive learning system. Adaptive learning system refers to e-learning system that can automatically generate personalised learning path and customise learning contents to the individuals based on selected parameters and predefined rules (Dominic et al., 2015). The pilot study involves four stages of work: (1) to conduct a thorough literature review in adaptive learning in English language learning as practised in other countries; (2) to construct a reading-specific knowledge structure based on the basic competencies framework proposed by the Education Bureau for primary students; (3) to create a sample of reading assessment tasks for adaptive learning; (4) to pilot the assessment tasks in some primary schools.

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