5th Young Scholars' Conference on China Studies (PS. Please select the news posting as 20 December 2017)


The China Studies Programme, Advanced Institute for Contemporary China Studies and MSocSc in Contemporary China Studies Programme jointly hosted the 5th Young Scholars’ Conference with the theme of “China Studies in Trans-disciplinary Paradigms”.

Keynote speakers Prof. Chan Kam Wing from Washington University in USA and Prof. Liu Shouying from Remin University of China delivered talks on “Urbanisation with Chinese Characteristics: The Hukou System and Migration” and “The Structure and Changes of China’s Land Institutions” respectively.

A total of 21 panels were held and topics included Ethnic Studies, Chinese Economy, Studies on Modern Chinese Intellectuals, Gender Role and Chinese Society, China Business and Management, Studies on Contemporary Chinese Movies, Urban Studies, Studies on Chinese Classics, Studies on Hong Kong History, New Perspectives of Studies on Chinese Society, Topics on the History of Chinese Literature, Art Theories and Chinese Arts, and so on.

An Outstanding Paper Award was introduced at the Conference to encourage, commend and reward high quality research papers with originality and significance. The Award was given to three outstanding budding scholars: Mr. Chu Wai Li from HKBU’s Department of History, Mr. Zhuang Hongzhong from Xinyang Normal University, and Ms. Tsai Pi-Han from Zhejiang University.

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