HKBU hosts exhibition on Joseph Needham's seminal work

Chairman of Joseph Needham Foundation for Science & Civilisation Hong Kong Dr Peter Lee (fifth from left) and HKBU President Professor Roland Chin (fifth from right) and guests officiate at the opening ceremony

An exhibition of “Chinese Wartime Science Through the Lens of Joseph Needham” is being held at the University Library until 23 February.

The exhibition, which rotates between venues at universities in Hong Kong and Macau, is jointly organised by the HKBU Library, the Department of History, the Joseph Needham Foundation for Science and Civilisation Hong Kong and Needham Research Institute Cambridge.

Joseph Needham is one of the most influential scholars of the 20th century. He wrote and edited the landmark history Science and Civilisation in China, a multi-volume, comprehensive study of Chinese scientific development and achievement.

An Opening Ceremony was held on 22 January, followed by a Public Lecture “Joseph Needham’s Science and Civilisation in China and Its Impact on Today’s Study of the Chinese History of Science and Technology” by Professor Angela Leung Ki-che, Chair Professor of History and Joseph Needham – Philip Mao Professor of the University of Hong Kong.

Joseph Needham’s Science and Civilisation in China covers the history of Chinese chemistry, mathematics, biology, mechanics, navigation, medicine, and other disciplines. In the Lecture, Professor Leung focused on two parts, namely medicine and food science (completed by Lu Gwei-djen and Huang Hsing-Tsung respectively after Needham’s death). The work examined the fundamental differences between Western and Chinese approaches to scientific advancement. According to Professor Leung, these volumes provided insights to today’s society and brought about different perspectives for current researchers to look at Chinese history and culture.


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