Joint University Camp on Positive Education Programme


Funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC), a teaching and learning project entitled the Joint University Mental-wellness Project (JUMP) was started in October 2017.  Co-organised by HKBU, City University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong, the project aims to enhance mental well-being, build harmonious relationships, develop healthy lifestyles, and increase happiness and life satisfaction of university students.  The project at HKBU is led by Dr. Sharon Leung, Dr. Pan Jiayan and Ms. Sukie Cheung, Social Work Department.

The Joint University Camp was conducted on 13-14 January 2018 at Breakthrough Youth Village in Sha Tin. On the first day of camp, participants got to know one another in the icebreaking session. They were immersed in the activities of the personality dimension® and teamwork. Through the team building activities, participants had the opportunities to experience and reflect more on interpersonal relationships. In the evening, the self-exploration session guided the participants to go through and review on their personal life stories. Participants were involved in different activities in this section, such as writing significant events in life and sharing their life goals. In the morning of the second day, “Life planning” was the goal for the last session of the camp.  Participants were required to share their dreams in groups. In addition, each participant spared time to write a letter to himself/herself one year from now. Staff will mail the letters to participants one year after.

The Camp was well-attended, with over 40 students from four universities. Feedbacks were positive and the goals of the camp have been satisfactorily achieved. Students have had reflection on their life and goals, learnt more about themselves and interpersonal relationships, as well as met a lot of new friends in these two days. Many participants have expressed interests in joining the upcoming activities.

In this semester, eight workshops in four universities, which provide basic and advanced knowledge on Positive Psychology will be held.

If students are interested in JUMP, please visit the Facebook Page – JoinUsMakePositive.  Look forward to your participation!  Join Us Make Positive!

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