Physical Education lecturer first Hong Kong female to cross international marathon finish line


Miss Crystal Vut, Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education, was ranked first among Hong Kong female participants in the full marathon category of the Tokyo Marathon, considered one of the “grand slam” events of marathon running. She completed the race in 2 hours, 47 minutes and 57 seconds.
Crystal was nicely surprised by her result and said the atmosphere and environment of the Marathon was impressive. There were many viewers and runners who cheered each other on and the weather was cool and comfortably dry which is suitable for long-distance running. She thought that the marathon experience was amazing and only in the latter part of the race did she feel it was a little bit challenging but she managed to complete the race with strong persistence. 
As a former Hong Kong gymnastics team member, Crystal had taken part in various competitions; however, it became more difficult for her to advance further as she got older. Therefore, when she started studying in HKBU, she retired from gymnastics and searched for another sport for interest or hobby. By coincidence, she joined HKBU’s cross country team and developed an interest in long-distance running which gave her huge satisfaction.
On top of regular training on campus, she hires a private coach for tailor-made training. She has tried long run, 10 km, half marathon and full marathon with excellent performance.      
Crystal will continue to receive training in the near future to strengthen muscle and stamina, with an aim to boost her full marathon speed to 2 hours and 45 minutes, to meet the entry requirement of the 2020 Olympic Games.

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