Physical Education student shines at international para-badminton competition

Daniel Chan claims two medals in the Spanish Para-Badminton International 2018

Daniel Chan (Physical Education and Recreation Management, Year 2) clinched a silver medal in the men’s singles and a bronze in the men’s s doubles in the wheelchair category of the Spanish Para-Badminton International 2018.
In the WH1-2 men’s doubles, Daniel teamed up with a German player and defeated teams from Russia and Germany to grab bronze. In WH-2 men’s singles, Daniel beat an Israeli player in the semi-final. With excellent performance, he brought home a silver medal after he was marginally beaten by a Korean player, who is ranked first in the world.
The competition means a lot to Daniel. He said that this was his first competition in 2018, in addition he has just changed his coach and the focus of the competition strategy shifted from strength and speed to skill and experience. He felt excited about his outstanding performance.
Furthermore, Daniel was elected as one of four athlete representatives in the Para-badminton Athletes’ Commission, acting as a bridge between athletes and the Badminton World Federation. Daniel understands that he has to shoulder a heavy responsibility, especially with many important sporting events coming up. During the competition, many players expressed their views and voiced out their needs to him, such as Para-Olympics entry requirements. He hopes he can perform his role as a representative well, learn something new from it and expand his connections.
Though Daniel is a full–time athlete, and the Asian Games are approaching, as a recipient of the Elite Athletes Admission Scheme, he still insists on taking certain amount of course credit to strike a balance between sport and studies.


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