Renowned Chinese history scholar shares insights on participation of nomads in the creation of Chinese history

Over 300 participants learn how nomads participated in the creation of Chinese history from the lectureProfessor Luo Xin (third from left) hosts a public lecture on HKBU campus

Professor Luo Xin, Department of History in Peking University delivered a Public Lecture on “How Nomads Participated in the Creation of Chinese History” on 16 March. 
The Lecture was co-organised by HKBU Department of History and Our Hong Kong Foundation and the China Institute. Professor Luo, whose research mainly focuses on the Middle Ages and the ancient ethnic communities of China, emphasised that Chinese history is a joint creation by all ancient peoples. History and history narratives may be exaggerated, ignored, forgotten, or even hidden. It is recorded that in every period of Chinese history, there was a large group of non-huaxia people who assimilated into Chinese society, achieving different forms of cultural transformations, and gradually evolving into modern Chinese civilisation. 
This is the third lecture of the 360° View on China Lecture Series organised by the Our Hong Kong Foundation and the China Institute and was hosted by Professor Chang Hsin-kang, Honorary President of China Institute of Our Hong Kong Foundation.


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