Symposium explores Hong Kong and Japan’s educational issues



A symposium on “Educational Practices and Innovations: Experiences of Japan and Hong Kong”  was held on 17 March 2018. It aimed to provide a platform for scholars, research students and front-line practitioners to share and exchange their knowledge and practices, and to imagine new solutions to global educational problems.

The keynote speakers were Professor Atara Sivan, Head of Department of Education Studies, HKBU; Professor Sandy Li, Associate Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, HKBU; Professor Masataka Koyama, Dean of Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University (HU); and Professor Kazuhiro Kusahara, Vice Dean of Graduate School of Education, HU. 

The Symposium was a great success in promoting academic partnership, internationalisation and teacher professional learning, such as the colloquium on “Experience Sharing of STEM Education in Hong Kong” which was well-received and in tune with global educational development.

The Symposium shared a great variety of paper and poster presentations in the areas of teacher preparation, professional learning, student development, education and curriculum reforms, as well as cultural diversity in education. 

The Symposium was organised by the Department of Education Studies and Faculty of Social Sciences of HKBU, together with Graduate School of Education, HU. The event attracted an attendance of more than 100 education researchers, teacher educators, postgraduate students, school teachers and alumni. The First Joint Symposium on Education was an outcome of the Agreement of Academic and Educational Exchange signed between HKBU and Hiroshima University, Japan in March 2017. 

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