China Studies student wins two gold medals at International Boccia competition

Ho Yuen-kei won two gold medals in BISFed Boccia Regional Open

Ho Yuen-kei (China Studies, Year 4) won two gold medals in BC3 Individual and BC3 Pairs competition in the BISFed Ise Boccia Regional Open.
Yuen-kei was satisfied with the result and attributed the win to increased training. She began receiving specialised training as a full-time athlete in December last year. The new training programme has not only enhanced her skills but also given her more opportunities to analyse competitors’ tactics with her coach. As expected, with her excellent field play she won two gold medals.
The competition was held at Ise, Japan in mid-March when the temperature was still low. Yuen-kei had worried about her health condition as her trachea is not very strong and she seldom joins competitions in cold weather. In the competition, she constantly reminded herself to keep warm to avoid getting sick. This cold-weather competition experience is valuable to Yuen-kei as she will be taking part in a competition in Canada next week. 


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