Workshop facilitates dialogue on renewable energy education and solar adoption among schools

 Expert panellists from different sectors provide advice and respond to the concerns of teachers interested in adopting renewable energy at their schools. Mr Wong Wang-fai emphasises the importance of green energy education 

HKBU organised the “Hong Kong Solar Schools Workshop” recently with the aim of facilitating dialogue on renewable energy education and solar adoption experience among the participating teachers through deliberative discussions. The participating students also enhanced energy knowledge and awareness through interactive educational activities.
The Workshop was jointly organised by Asian Energy Studies Centre (AESC), Department of Geography, Department of Physics, and Centre for Child Development of HKBU, along with School of Energy and Environment Ability R&D Energy Research Centre (AERC) of City University of Hong Kong and Greenpeace.
About 80 attendees, including teachers from primary and secondary schools, representatives from solar businesses, government agencies, utility companies, tertiary institutions and NGOs participated in the workshop to discuss challenges and future potential of solar energy adoption in Hong Kong schools. 
The workshop included opening remarks by Mr Wong Wang-fai, Senior Curriculum Development Officer of the Education Bureau as well as reporting of preliminary research findings of solar schools presented by Professor Michael Leung of AERC and Dr Daphne Mah of AESC. Three schools shared their experience of adopting solar energy, including Po Leung Kuk Castar Parimary School, C.C.C. Kei Wai Primary School (Ma Wan) and Buddhist Wing Yan School. 
The panel discussion featured representatives from the Education Bureau, China Light & Power, HK Electric, AERC, Greenpeace, a solar start-up and solar schools. Through moderated small group discussions, the participants exchanged views on policy recommendations for facilitating solar adoption in schools. 

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