Experts explore issues related to ADHD therapy at HKBU conference

 The Department of Education Studies organises and invites experts to share their insights on various issues related to ADHD

The Department of Education Studies and the Hong Kong Society of Behavioral and Neural Genetics recently held a conference for professionals, parents and students with an interest in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 
The conference, which was entitled “ADHD management across the lifespan: From childhood to adulthood”, provided research updates and practical solutions for those present.
At the event, Dr Lawrence Martin from McMaster University, Canada shared his insights on ADHD treatment approaches and suggested the importance of pharmaceutical and psychological interventions for treating ADHD. 
Dr Liu Kam-tim, a specialist in Pediatric Neurology, also talked about the genetic and neurological-basis of ADHD, as well as a range of evidence-based treatments for treating the disorder. Registered clinical psychologist Dr Sonya Law introduced the concept of mindfulness and several useful mindfulness practices. 

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