Scholars share insights at the HKBU forum on Sun Yat-sen studies

 Scholars share their insights on Sun Yat-sen studies at HKBU 

HKBU’s Department of History, the University Library and Sun Yat-sen Education and Charity Foundation jointly organised an international forum on Sun Yat-sen studies on 12 November.


The forum consisted of six panels and featured a diverse range of talks delivered by Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and American scholars on the studies of Mr Sun Yat-sen. At the forum, participants discussed their research from a global perspective, including topics such as the relationship of Sun Yat-sen and Asia, his political stance, and how to shape the image of Sun Yat-sen in different countries. 


The forum, which aims to encourage fruitful discussions in the field, was a joint event which commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Department of History and the 20th anniversary of Sun Yat-sen Education and Charity Foundation. 

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