Graduate Students Conference Concluded with Transdisciplinary Insights on Global Social Sciences


Over 50 Social Sciences graduate students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China gathered at the HKBU on 15-16 November 2014 to present their research at the Global Social Sciences Graduate Students Conference.

The 2-day conference led by graduate students from Faculty of Social Sciences, HKBU provided a golden opportunity for students to exchange views and share ideas on a wide array of global social sciences issues in a formal conference setting. Officiating in the welcome remark, Prof. Qiming Zhou, Associate Dean (Research) said, “The aim of the Graduate Conference is to provide an opportunity for graduate students from local and neighboring China universities to share their academic work and to network professionally. The event also facilitates a transdisciplinary and inter-institutional intellectual dialogue.”  

The programme of this year’s conference showcased the breath, depth, and most of all vitality of the social sciences. The selected themes included “social and behavioral study”, “public and socio-economic policy”, “historical study and biography”, and “contemporary China”.  The Conference also showcased the need for conceptual innovation and many of the papers offered productive pathways for change. Three Best Paper Awards and five Best Presentation Awards were presented to the following winners, in appreciation of their participation.

The winners of the Best Paper Awards were:

Ottervik Mattias Gottfrid (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Conceptualizing and Measuring State Capacity

FU Tianlan  (PhD-GEOG, HKBU)

Emerging Innovation Network in Industrial Cluster in China: The Case of Furniture Industrial Cluster in Houjie Town, Dongguan

John H. S. Aberg (Lingnan University)

Structural Transformation, Status Inconsistency, and Revisionist Projects for Regional Change: A study of the “New Type of Great Power Relations” and the Trans-Pacific Partnership


The winners of the Best Presentation Awards were:

Yew Wei Lit (CityUniversity of Hong Kong )

When Goliath lets David win: China’s Concessions to Local Environmental Protests

Yeung Man Kwong  (Lingnan University)

Reviewing the History of Sino-Australian Relations in the Post-Cold War Era

Tang Ling (MPhil-SOC, HKBU)

Gendered Guanxi in Urban China: Unmarried Women in Market-driven Enterprise

Xia Peiling, Susan  (Shanghai Normal University)

Study of Demes of Attica in Classical Times

Zhang Mengmeng  (Peking University)

The Effect of High Speed Railway on Market Potential of Chinese Cities

Abstracts of their papers, as well as that for other participants are available at

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