Research Postgraduate

Programme Overview

Message from the Director, Research Postgraduate Studies

A warm welcome from the Faculty of Social Sciences and thank you for considering our community as your next academic home.  We have been providing top quality academic and professional training for social scientists for 50 years.  We are known as an innovative pioneer in researching Smart Societies with particular strengths in the themes of “Environmental and Urban Systems”, “Populations and Well-being”, and “Learning, Praxis and Governance”.  We have a vibrant graduate community with students and supervisors from Hong Kong, China and countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.  Our research postgraduate programmes are problem-driven, process-oriented and engaged.  Building on social sciences trans-disciplinary knowledge, students are inspired to develop innovative ideas and to explore new universal agenda for building better societies for the world.  The emphasis on multi-dimensional training leads to the success in our own students who now pursue rewarding global careers in / with, for example, Singapore, Norway, United Kingdom, the United Nations, and the Government of Kazakhstan. 


It is never too early to find out more about the opportunities we offer.  We look forward to welcoming you to campus and to our vibrant graduate community!


Dr. Sam Yu

Distinctive features of our Programmes
  • Emphasis on trans-disciplinary problem-solving.
  • Global diversity: Our current and recent graduates come from Hong Kong, China, and a further 14 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.
  • Financial and professional support for conference participations and overseas placements.
  • Caring and cohesive graduate community: Our students have an effective voice in Faculty governance, and network with / learn from peers from across the 7 social sciences disciplines, all housed in one building. 
  • Opportunities to take courses and attend lectures across Hong Kong's universities and to access data and fields across China and South East Asia.
  • A flexible range of funding models including government scholarships, Faculty scholarships, and Department scholarships.