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Message from the Director, Research Postgraduate Studies


Social sciences are thriving at the intersection of advanced methodologies and rapidly changing societal realities. The development of increasingly sophisticated computational tools and digital technologies has enabled us to investigate societal structures and human behavior at unprecedented levels of detail and scale. At the same time, evolving societal dynamics – from globalization and demographic shifts to environmental challenges and digital transformations – introduce new phenomena that demand our attention and expertise.


Social sciences delve into the complexities of our social lives: power relations, families, cultures, values, institutions, health, history, and the environment. The Faculty of Social Sciences at Hong Kong Baptist University explores these myriad domains with passion and takes pride in its diverse research methods. While incorporating cutting-edge methodologies in research, we also value and uphold traditional approaches.


Housed in Asia’s leading institution for liberal arts, our research postgraduate programs offer students a unique perspective, deeply rooted in Asian heritage while maintaining a broad global reach. Our graduate students, hailing from countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America, contribute to a rich learning environment brimming with opportunities for transdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations.


On this website, you will find detailed information about our MPhil and PhD programs and testimonials from our students. As you delve into our niche research areas and learn about our research impact, I invite you to consider joining us on this journey to understand and shape our societies for a better future.


Dr. LEE Siu-yau