Social Sciences Common Core

SOSC3005 Community and Civic Engagement

Who will need to take this course?

From AY2019/20 intake onwards, undergraduate students under the Faculty of Social Sciences are required to fulfil a 3-unit requirement of Social Sciences Experiential Learning in Action (SOSC ELA) under Social Sciences Common Core (SSCC) by taking either SOSC3005 Community and Civic Engagement or SOSC3006 Global Outreach in their Year 3 or 4 of study.

What is the course about?

SOSC3005 Community and Civic Engagement (3 units)

This Experiential Learning course aims to provide students with experiential learning opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to tackle complex real-life problems in the community. To this end, students may choose to engage in either internship or student research attachment of at least 5 consecutive weeks (full-time) during summer or a minimum of 200 work hours (part-time) during term time (or equivalent). Through first-hand practical experience, students are expected to develop self-awareness of real-life issues, explore their career interests, establish job required attributes, experience real workplace challenges, prepare for employment upon graduation, and reflect upon their life-career planning.


Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOS)

  1. Identify and analyse real-life social issues through their internship/attachment experience
  2. Formulate creative solutions to authentic problems relevant to the local, regional or the global community by integrating knowledge from a variety of disciplines
  3. Critically reflect on awareness of, commitment to and leadership in community and civic engagement
  4. Critically evaluate their internship/attachment experience and issues related to their personal and professional development


Social Issues

Through first-hand practical experience and the project-based learning, students are guided to look in the major social issues from their respective academic disciplines as well as other relevant academic inputs from the instructor in the following areas:

  • Environmental and Urban Systems
    (e.g. Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development, Urban Renewal)
  • Populations and Well-being
    (e.g. Public Health, Child & Youth Development, Social Welfare, Education Needs, Ageing, Gender, Ethnicity and Equal Opportunities, Social Inequity, Human Rights)
  • Learning, Praxis and Governance
    (e.g. Cultural Diversity, Heritage and Community Collective Memory, Political Governance)


Course Assessment

  • Proposal/Plan of the Internship/ Attachment Experience (10%)
  • Reflection Report (40%)
  • Communication with Experiential Learning Coordinator/ Supervisor (10%)
  • Oral Presentation (10%)
  • On-site Assessment (30%)


For the Course Outline, please go to the BUniPort. (Programme & Courses Information > Course Information > Undergraduate)

SOSC ELA vs GE Capstone

The course is double-listed as two course types: (1) Social Sciences Experiential Learning in Action and (2) GE Capstone with two different course codes for respective groups of target students.


Course Type Social Sciences Experiential Learning in Action  (applicable for AY2019/20 intake or after)

GE Capstone (applicable for AY2018/19 intake or after)

Course Code & Title SOSC3005 Community and Civic Engagement GCAP3145 Community and Civic Engagement
Target students
  • Students studying the UGC-funded undergraduate programmes offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences; AND
  • Students of Year 3 standing or above in course offering period
  • Students studying the UGC-funded undergraduate programmes at HKBU; AND
  • Students of Year 3 standing or above in course offering period
Fulfilment Students completed and passed the course will fulfil a 3-unit requirement of SOSC ELA Students completed and passed the course will fulfil a 3-unit requirement of GE Capstone
  • This course CANNOT be counted towards a GE Capstone
  • Students majoring in GEOG/GIS/HIST/SOC may apply for double-counting a recognised GE Capstone course* towards SOSC3005 Community and Civic Engagement
  • GE Capstone course CANNOT be counted as Free Elective
  • Students majoring in GEOG/GIS/HIST/SOC may apply for double-counting GCAP3145 Community and Civic Engagement (GE Capstone*) towards SOSC ELA requirement


*Remarks: Please check the GE Capstone courses list for double-counting towards SOSC ELA and respective replacement courses list on GEO’s website


[Important Note for SOSC students]

As the two course codes (SOSC3005 vs GCAP3145) represent different course types, eligible students should pay attention to the course code they have enrolled after the confirmation of placement offer or release of course application result. Students are advised to plan ahead if they will apply for double-counting of GE Capstone towards SOSC ELA requirement so as to apply the course with the respective course code. They CANNOT change and register another course code after course enrolment.


How to apply?

Normally, students will be invited to submit the course application in the semester preceding the course offering period.


Course Application

Course Offering & Enrolment Period

Period of Internship/Attachment

Course Application Period (in the previous semester)

Sem 2, AY2021/22 Sem 2, AY2021/22 (Dec 2021 - Aug 2022)

Sem 1, AY2021/22 (Oct – Nov 2021)

Sem 1, AY2022/23 Sem 1, AY2022/23 (Jun - Nov 2022)

Sem 2, AY2021/22 (Mar - May 2022)


Note: Students with confirmed internship/attachment vetted by the Faculty will be enrolled in the course in the aforementioned course offering period. The course enrolment will be done by Academic Registry, students do not need to register the course by themselves.


Current Round of Application

1st round course application with Social Sciences Internship / Social Sciences Student Research Attachment


Online Application Form for SOSC Students




Online Application Form for non-SOSC students

SOSC Students: End by 28 Oct 2021, 23:59 (Hong Kong Time) - CLOSED


Non-SOSC students: End by 21 Oct 2021, 23:59 (Hong Kong Time) - CLOSED


2nd round course application with self-sourced internship


Online Application Form

CLOSED - End by 7 Dec 2021, 23:59 (Hong Kong Time)


Note: By submitting the application, applicants acknowledge that he/she has read and understood the “Privacy Policy Statement" and "Personal Information Collection Statement” (PPS/PICS) from the University (Accessible here: And applicants have authorized the Faculty Office to use those information/data collected for the purpose of course application and any other related purposes for the exercise. They will be presented to the Faculty and other appropriate parties in the University for consideration and processing.


Please refer to the section of SOSC3005 Community and Civic Engagement under FAQ section.


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