The Social Data Analytics and Management

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Co-offered by the School of Business and the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Social Data Analytics and Management Concentration aims at equipping students with rigorous transdisciplinary proficiency in data analytical skills, social sciences and business methods and domain knowledge, through which students can apply to solving real-world problems effectively and ethically across different social contexts.



Study Goals

After completing the Concentration, you will be able to:

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  • Explain social phenomena, economic or business issues and identify relevant data analytical approach to address them from a transdisciplinary perspective
  • Collect and critically analyze social data by implementing practical data analysis, visualization, and modelling techniques in data mining
  • Develop knowledge and skills in social marketing and entrepreneurship essential for proficient management and leadership across diverse sectors including private and public industries, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises.
  • Apply the data-driven approach to research on social, economic, and organizational problems and provide explicit solution and policy orientations to create societal impact and solve social challenges





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The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

Concentration                    Units
Required Courses                   3
Elective Courses                   18 
Total Units                             21



Required Course— 3 units

BUSI 3067/ SOSC 3007 Social Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Internship

Elective Courses— 18 units

Students may choose six elective courses from the list which will be released at the beginning of each semester.  To ensure transdisciplinary diversity, students should observe the following requirements:


  • For students undertaking programmes offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences or the School of Business, at least four of the courses should be taken by the students aside from their own faculty/school;
  • For students undertaking programmes offered by other faculties/schools, at least two courses from the Faculty of Social Sciences AND two courses from the School of Business should be taken;
  • At least four of the courses should be at 3000-level or above


New courses will be added to the Concentration from time to time.
Elective Courses_ Sem 1 & 2, 2024/25



Career Prospects

  • There are numerous career prospects available for graduates with the Social Data Analytics concentration globally and locally. Students equipped with the transdisciplinary knowledge to analyze large amount of data and generate insights in relation to the complex social context are highly sought-after in a wide range of sectors, including digital marketing, public relations, NGOs, social enterprises, consultancy and government agencies.
  • Some of the popular jobs that graduates might pursue include Data Analyst/ Data Scientist, Market Research Analyst, Social Media Analyst, Policy Analyst, Programme Evaluator, Data Journalists, etc.
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