The Faculty of Social Sciences consists of 7 departments that contribute to a wide range of research areas, cutting across disciplines. With strong research ability and vigorous research endeavours, the Faculty has evolved to become a significant hub for social sciences-related research projects in Hong Kong.

Department of Education Studies

Colleagues of the Department of Education Studies conduct research that draws upon multi- and transdisciplinary orientations, focusing on four broad areas: (1) curriculum studies; (2) whole-person development and education; (3) education system, policy and management; and (4) social sciences. They actively engage in joint research efforts that involve intra- and inter-institutional collaborations. The goal is to cultivate the development of transdisciplinary knowledge that informs educational practices in the context of whole-person development at various academic levels.



Department of Geography

Faculty members of the Department have collectively built up a very creditable research record in terms of publications and successful grant applications. Our colleagues pursue research interests in four broad research areas: 1) Urban & Regional Studies of China - Hong Kong, which include a variety of social, transportational, housing and other urban and regional themes dealing with contemporary China; 2) Environmental Studies, which include, for example, the research into past and contemporary climate and environmental change, mainly in Hong Kong and China, and quaternary studies in East Africa; 3) Economic Development and Energy Resource, which focuses on economic geography, sustainable development, energy policy and governance; and 4) Remote Sensing and Environmental GIS, from which close relationships with China and Central Asia are developed through environmental studies using remote sensing technologies.  



Department of Government & International Studies

Research work at the Department covers Comparative Government and Politics, International Relations, European and China Studies, and Language Studies. The main current research themes developed at GIS include Hong Kong and Chinese politics, European politics, integration and security, social movements and protests in China, political transitions and democratization both in Europe and Asia, Chinese foreign and security policies in particular in Central Asia and Africa, Taiwan politics and relations across the Taiwan Strait, the European Union and sustainable, smart urban development, multi-level governance in the EU, and European comparative language policies.



Department of History

Members of the Department have published widely in academic journals, books and edited volumes in multiple languages. Our research, teaching and publications cover a variety of topics, periods and regions. Geographically speaking, the research interests of our Faculty members cover East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, and the global world. Thematically speaking, our Faculty members teach and publish on an array of topics, including but not limited to political development, colonialism, foreign relations, the maritime world, cross-cultural studies, migration, business, expatriate communities, historiography, philosophy, education, gender, childhood, motherhood, youth, law, natural science, medicine and diseases, archaeology, material cultures, historical anthropology, religions, urban cities, and ethnicity.



Department of Social Work

Research is an indispensable component of social work education at the Department. Excellent teaching and practice in social work must be supported by vigorous research endeavors. Western social work theories and knowledge have to be tested and translated for effective practice, while indigenous ones have to be developed for critical examination to cope with emerging social conditions and social problems in the Hong Kong context, the region and the global community at large.  Against this background, the academics of the Department have been engaging in various different research projects pursued along three major lines: (1) youth studies, (2) mental health and well-being, and (3) social policy and social welfare.



Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology is committed to research excellence and scholarly publications. The research interests of the members of the Department cover a wide range of topics, including Chinese societies, cultural sociology, family, gender and sexuality, globalization, migration, political sociology, popular religion, social networks, social stratification and urban sociology.



Department of Sport, Physical Education and Health

The research areas of the colleagues in the Department include physical education and wellness, physical activity and health fitness, prevention of obesity, physiological demands of sporting activities on children and adults, lifetime sports and recreation, sport injury prevention, high performance sports, gender and aging issues on sports and recreation, sports and leisure management, as well as sport psychology and mental health.