Research Impact

Social scientists in our Faculty conduct research that addresses human, environmental, societal and political questions relevant to the changing world.  Our scholarship contributes new knowledge and forms the basis for behavioural and professional practices and policy changes.  To achieve impact we enhance the reach of our work and embed its significance through engaging diverse beneficiaries and contributing to a wide range of pure and applied, local and global research. 


Our research has reached the general public, private sectors, professional bodies and both governmental and non-governmental organizations.  Some examples are listed below:



Driving Geo-education and the Development of Geoparks in Hong Kong

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Research on the Military History of Hong Kong during the Colonial Period (1841-1997): Impacts on Museums, Heritage Conservation, and Education

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Promoting Sport and Development in Athletes with Disabilities

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Towards more Equitable Access to Elite Higher Education in China

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Instigating a Paradigm Shift in English Language Education in Hong Kong

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Career and Life Adventure Planning for Youth-At-Risk in Community Settings (CLAP) 2015-2020

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Upholding Electoral Integrity: Election Observation Project

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Promoting the Knowledge and Understanding of Chinese Politics in the International Community

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