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Choosing the perfect study programme is a very big decision, so our admissions team are here to help you make the best-fit and most informed choice about your future. In case you were wondering, here are more sharing of our international students:


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Md Lokman HOSSAIN, PhD candidate, Geography (Bangladesh)


"Being a plant ecologist by training, starting my PhD at HKBU in the field of climate change has given me the right opportunity to become a future leader in nature conservation science. If you have a great supervisor, supportive colleagues, and a congenial working environment, no one feels exhausted in his/her PhD journey. I am fortunate to have all these to survive in my journey.


Visiting many beautiful islands and hiking hills, I not only get energized but also came across rich biodiversity in Hong Kong, which helped me to generate new ideas for future research."

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Evans TETTEH, PhD candidate, Government & International Studies (Ghana)


"Studying at HKBU is simply awesome! The all-embracing academic atmosphere is just sensational but on top of that, I will never part with how HKBU makes me feel – a sense of inclusiveness and unity in diversity. The modernistic facilities, conducive learning environment and ingenuity of staff are perfectly blended to get that academic experience."

Nurila ALDABERGEN, Undergraduate student, European Studies (German Stream) (Kazakhstan)


"Studying at HKBU in Social Sciences was a period of my tremendous personal growth and development. I came to Hong Kong as 16-year-old kid and definitely feel how I have matured with the dynamic life of Hong Kong and how I became more knowledgeable in my major with great academic atmosphere in this university."

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Phailin LEESIRICHAIKUL, Undergraduate student, Social Sciences (Thailand)


"Studying abroad in Hong Kong allowed me to be exposed to diverse cultures. It gave me new perspectives and attitudes to see the world. Thinking in different ways is my biggest reward while studying at HKBU. Also, it is a great opportunity to make friends from all over the world such as Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, and UK. In general, studying abroad is an invaluable experience that we could not only gain academic knowledge diversely and interestingly but also create irreplaceable memories with different people."

Alina MAKASHEVA, Undergraduate student, Social Sciences (Kazakhstan)


"Despite problems with travelling due to pandemic, I successfully and safely arrived in Hong Kong, because I received huge support from the University and students. I was extremely excited about arriving, and the actual experience overwhelmed my expectations. Friendly international community and HKBU staff helped me easily adapt to a completely different culture. Experience of studying abroad is unique for each student. My experience is amazing, and I cannot find proper words to express my feelings. What I can say for sure is that now I understand why people call this place "Home Kong". This place definitely became my home."

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Vaiiti RAYGADAS, Government & International Studies (1st cohort of the combined degree with Sciences Po Bordeaux, France)


"By allowing me to discover new cultures, studying in various countries let me to become more outgoing and tolerant. I am forever grateful to be able to study in Hong Kong because it gave me the opportunity to discover different cuisines and people with incredible backgrounds. To me there is no such experience as living among the locals and adopting their habits to feel the real Hong Kong. This experience is broadening my horizons, helps me to grow in my first steps as an adult, and builds my personality in a way that I like."



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