Grad. Students Feature Stories

Grassland Ecosystem: A Big Contributor to Climate Change Mitigation is at High Risks from Global Climate Change



I was attracted by the top-notch research in ecology and climate science in the world-class universities in Hong Kong.  Having completed my Master's in Global Change Ecology, I intended to enrich my research repository by pursuing a PhD degree here at Hong Kong Baptist University.  The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme had paved my research journey.


My research focuses on grassland biodiversity and climate change.  In my research, I try to explore how grassland above- and below-ground biomass respond to climatic variability and climate extremes (e.g. drought) across ecoregions.  Over 30% of the earth’s terrestrial surface is covered by grasslands, which stock nearly 10% of the global carbon.  Thus a small change in grassland carbon stock will have profound impacts on global climate change.  In my research, I explore (i) which ecoregions are vulnerable to climatic variability, (ii) how above- and below-ground biomass respond to climate extremes, and (iii) which species and functional groups are resistant and resilient to climate-induced stresses.  My research findings advance our understanding of biodiversity-stability relationships, which is a long-standing debate in ecological research.  By using a dataset of 24-year Biodiversity Experiment, I show which species and functional groups are more resistant and resilient to climate extremes.  There is a need to understand the dynamics of functional traits (e.g. leaf thickness, specific root length) of specific species and community levels.  Currently, as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow, I continue to research on the functional-trait-based approach, which is of importance in ensuring sustainable management of grassland biodiversity and providing stable delivery of ecosystem goods and services.



Dr. HOSSAIN Md Lokman

Graduate of the PhD programme of the Department of Geography. Currently a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Hong Kong Baptist University.