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One More Has Been Killed



On 5 September, 2020, a mother in a murder-suicide bid was arrested on suspicion of strangling her son with intellectual disability and autism.  Her son, at the age of 21, was no longer eligible to stay at the boarding service provided by a special school.  In that September, he moved back home to stay with his 46-year-old mother in a small flat.  Hoping to transit into an adult home, they were awaiting the relaxation of the infection control measures.  Four days after his return, news of the tragedy rocked the whole society. 


I was carrying out individual interviews with family carers who were taking care of adult family members with intellectual disabilities when the accident occurred.  The respondents urged that changes should be made to the adverse conditions faced by family carers.  My study: The search for responses to defamilisation and familisation risks made by family carers of adults with intellectual disability aims to examine the defamilisation/ familisation risks faced by the family carers, as well as their response (arrangement) to the identified risks.  Concrete suggestions to optimise policy and measures concerning carers and adults with intellectual disability have been collected.  Research findings will be shared with NGOs and parents’ associations through advisory group meetings.  Through the potential submission of the policy recommendations made by the social work practitioners and parents in the advisory groups, I hope that the voice of family carers can be heard.


Apart from that, a brief note about the tragedy has been submitted and accepted by the Journal - International Social Work.  I believe that social work practitioners and academics should advance academic discussions and advocate policy changes.  That is what I want too!



Ms. LEE Mei Yin Anna

Current PhD student of the Department of Social Work. Her research focuses on disability, community and organization.