A Wonderful Experience at Walt Disney Resort


Yoyo Chan 
Year 3 Student, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Sociology

My first visit to USA took place in summer 2017, and I would call it my best summer ever. As a super Disney fan, I am glad to have successfully enrolled in the Disney Cultural Exchange Programme which provided me a great opportunity to be the cast member of the largest Disneyland in the world.

I worked in the Disney’s Animal Kingdom as a merchandiser, my work was more than handling money and products - we created happiness and magic! I met many awesome guests and cast members all over the world, I learnt from their motto and attitude towards life. Although we were from different age, background and countries, we shared the same belief and we all called that “Magic”. I interacted with a Veteran whose daughter required special physical care. He said we were very helpful throughout his whole vacation and enjoyed their day together in Disney, a problem- and stress-free magic world.

Working and living in the cross-cultural environment, I have learned a lot that was much more than my expectation. I become more initiative and my interpersonal skills was further improved. I also became more independent as I had prepared all my meals in the two months. I also participated in different housing events such as movie nights, pool parties and trips to Asian Market. I would say this internship was a life-changing experience for me.