Summer Internship at the Hospital Authority

Jane Wong,  
Year 4 Student, BSSc (Hons) in China Studies – History Concentration

To challenge myself, I applied for the summer intern at the Hospital Authority via Social Sciences Internship. Being a student studying in History, I was excited to absorb new knowledge in the medical field which I could rarely touch from my normal studies. During the three-month internship at the Clinical Skills Training Centre of Tuen Mun Hospital, I got various chances to learn different basic medical knowledge and understand more about the duties of doctors and nurses. On the other hand, I was responsible for the event planning duties. For example, I had a great opportunity to take part in event planning and design the e-handbook of a large-scale annual program, the 2017 Injury Prevention Program, for around 200 staff. . This Through this hands-on experience, I enriched myself with event mangement skills and learned how an event could be held successfully.

Throughout the internship, I observed how my supervisor leaded the team to overcome difficulties in the planning process which benefited me a lot! Most importantly, I learned how to work as a good team player to facilitate the work progress. I treasured every single moment and tried to learn as much as I could. After this internship, I have established the job required attributes and became more considerate when making decision. I am glad to have this valuable off-campus learning opportunities