Experiential learning at Cheonggyecheon

Chan Mei Wai, Ng Oi Yin Graduate, Yim Tsz Wai 
Graduates, Bachleor of Social Sciences in Geography

We first heard of Cheonggyecheon from the lecture of the course GEOG 3016 Pacific Asia. Grateful for the Faculty’s funding support which our group could actually visit the place and conducted a project titled “The miracle of Cheonggyecheon: Restoration project and urban cultural landscape”.

We focused on the role of government in the redevelopment project of the city and the changing city image. Yet, walking along the Cheonggyecheon provided us another side of the story. The feelings that the place has given to local residents is out of our expectation. While we walked as pedestrians on the leisure path, we were also involved in the urban cultural landscape. It was really unforgettable to study a place in a such way. What we observed and what we heard from the local people are kept tightly in our memories. We hope we have a chance to take a look of the Cheonggyecheon after ten or more years. The city is ever changing and it is always interesting to explore the urban redevelopment projects with different angles.

From this study trip, we experienced and practiced what we learnt in the lesson and apply our knowledge in the real life. The research experience enriches our study a lot.