A Diplomatic Pilgrimage to the United Nations Headquarters

Year 4 student, Bachelor of Social Sciences in Government & International Studies


Experiential learning at New York City

Representing HKBU and served as the Head Delegate to participate in the international Model United Nations conferences (MUN) is an indispensable  part  of  my  university  life  and I have undoubtedly benefited much from these exposures, both socially  and culturally.

Throughout the journey of MUN, I have acquired a lot from it, but much more are yet to be acquired. Although I have been involved in MUN for years, it was my first pilgrimage to the UN Headquarters in New York. I could hardly forget the moments when I sat in the General Assembly Hall and pressed the buttons to cast the sacred votes on behalf of Estonia. One day in the future, I wish I could come back and work as a part of the UN, without the ‘M-’ ahead of it.