Experiential learning at UK

Ng Kit Hung  
Graduate, Bachelor of Social Sciences in China Studies 

I am delighted to share that I had an incredibly fabulous, fruitful and eye-opened learning journey in cities of UK (including London, Cambridge, York, Oxford, Sheffield and Edinburgh) thanks to tremendous support from Social Science Faulty of HKBU. The Journey do give me a new attitude towards English Culture even though I was born in the last age of British Administration of Hong Kong before 1997. Their soft power is still very shiny in the world unquestionably.

To recall the experience, I am always glad to join the program that should be the vitally important ingredient of my university life, making me wise and internationalized. What’s more, I did a deep investigation on the custom, culture and ideology of the Great Britain. I found one of most critical point is that UK is surely great and lovely state combined by the busting cosmopolitan, chilling music and opera, gloriously religious institutions, which exceeding my previous imaginations.

The study at UK helps me thinking out of the box and push me stepping out of my comfort zone to study. I strongly believe that I have built up hands-on experience and developed new understanding to political system, city planning, culture development and community engagement of the UK. I am looking forward to further countless educational opportunities to learn abroad.