Active Serving the Community


Cheung Cho Hang, 
Graduate,  B.A. (Hons) in Physical Education & Recreation Management
Recipient of Social Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships (Community Action) 2017-18

Graduates and students from the major of Physical Education and Recreation Management are mostly positive and energetic. These characteristics make us to be confident and able to tackle different challenging environment. Also, our major is not only a knowledge-based training, but also very practical. The Department of Sport and Physical Education provides plenty chances for students to serve the community, and I am one of them.

I am actively committed to sports. With great enthusiasm in sports and education, I have joined different community services, including being voluntary tutor in schools and coaches in the “Joyful Jockey Club Love to Move Programme”. These experiences offered the opportunities for me to meet and work with different people of the community.  It also equips me to become a more all-rounded person.