Exchange to the Netherlands

Chim Wing Yi,
Graduate, Bachelor of Arts in History 
Recipient of the Social Sciences Undergraduate Scholarship (Global Exchange) AY2017-18

If you ask me what the most unforgettable memory in my university life is, I will definitely say going on exchange to the Netherlands. The experience of studying and living in the Netherlands are fantastic.

I had a great time in University of Groningen. It was a precious opportunity for me to study art history and ancient mythology there. It is a pity that art history is not very popular in Hong Kong but it was lucky that I had a chance to study in Groningen. The lessons are very inspiring. The hardworking and serious attitude of the Dutch classmates towards study impressed me too. It was really fruitful in terms of study.

I also made international friends during the exchange period. Groningen is a highly internationalized student city. I met people of various nationality during different occasions. This international circle was just like ‘a speaking globe’ that gave me insight into the history and custom of different corners of the world. For instance, my buddy who is a Dutch not only assisted me in living and studying issues, he often told me Dutch history, culture, and political environment. I also visited his family to understand more about Dutch life style.

There are still countless impressive experiences. I would like to encourage everyone to go on an exchange programme and create your own story. The world is waiting for you to explore and the process would be very rewarding!