Taking first step is important


Jonathan Wong
Graduate, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Geography Programme

My university life is full of fun and joy.  One of the reasons is the opportunities for enrolling in different internship and exchange programmes.  My first off-campus learning activity was the internship experience with Walt Disney World in Orlando, where I met people from different cultural backgrounds.  After this experience, I decided to challenge myself by participating more off-campus activities before graduation.  Studying abroad was another invaluable experience.  Although I spent in Ireland for one semester only, I enjoyed the stay very much because I could take courses that I love, and got to know more about the Irish culture and language.

Interestingly enough, my decisions of joining the internship and exchange programmes were rather spontaneous.  “Taking first step is important” – is a cliché but true.  There is no need to worry or afraid, the off-campus learning experiences allow us to step out from our small world and enter to the big one.  Looking back, these invaluable experiences have broadened my horizons, trained me to become more independent, and gave me chances to learn how to get along with people of different backgrounds. 

Be open to challenges and welcome new experiences, you will surely have a very fruitful university life!