“HeiHei, MoiMoi, Kittos”

CHAN Sze Yiu—Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in  China Studies – History
Recipient of Social Sciences
Undergraduate Scholarships (Global Exchange) AY2018-19

“HeiHei, MoiMoi, Kittos” whenever I heard those sounds and words, I knew that I had immersed myself in the Finnish culture and livelihood. Studying and living abroad in Finland is a life-changing event that I have never expected. At first, I want to study abroad because of my curious about Finnish education system and culture. But after these four months, I think what I have acquired is far beyond the content of the system and culture, but the intrinsic value the Finnish is trying to convey in public sphere.

My study abroad experiences have allowed me to learn and explore new disciplinary skills that I have not had the opportunities to do so in Hong Kong. Among all the experiences, I enjoy the most about Finnish schools visiting imposes the greatest impact on me, as a person who have desired to become a teacher. In Finnish education, there is no such thing as stratification by categorizing students into different groups according to students’ ability. Finnish ideology emphasizes equality that can be revealed in their schooling system. This has inspired me that every child born with different gifted talents. The problem is how can we help them to unleash their abilities.

My study abroad experiences also helped me develop communication skills that will benefit me in the workplace in the future. During my exchange life, I encountered people with multicultural backgrounds. This creates needs for frequent communication such that we can understand each other in a deeper extent and we embrace similarities and differences among us. This allows me to apply my soft skills when I am working in a multinational company that comprises of colleagues with different nationalities.