Inspring Experience in Austria

XIONG Zhiai —Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in  Government & International Studies
Recipient of Social Sciences
Undergraduate Scholarships (Global Exchange)AY2018-19

Never thought the half-year exchange in Austria would be such an enriching and inspiring experience for me in various aspects. In particular, the course of Human Rights in European Convention given by a former judge in EU court of human rights has presented me with, for me, a mostly unknown and complicated world of human rights. This has also made me reflect on the related situation in my home country. It was exciting, as a student of Government and International Studies, to see the differences of different systems and institutions. Culturally, when you were closer to another culture, the more you will recognise and sometimes even relearn your own one. The interesting thing is, during this process, you may well take the good parts from the both. Austria is absolutely an amazing country where I can have access to my favourite: classical music easily and enjoyably. Austrian people’s way of life has refreshed my attitudes towards life as well. Last but not the least, this memorable half-year has given me two close and true Austrian friends with whom I have spent lots of good time and established a valuable friendship. I would say without doubt that it was the time of my life.