Remove poor labellings in the Society

CHIU Hiu Yan

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Sociology
Recipient of Social Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships (Community Action)AY2018-19 

I am glad to know that I was selected as the recipient of the Social Sciences Scholarships for Community Action in AY 2018/2019. Serving society is amazing. I have learnt a lot from varies voluntary services throughout my four years of university life. Apart from the happiness from the services, we can know more about our society. The society always labels minorities as the needs by their physical bodies, occupations, gender, races. However, when you spend time and try to talk to them, you will know the truth. Cancer survivors are not as weak as we think. Transgender people are the same as us. Ethnics minorities love our society. In fact, what they really need is empathy but not sympathy. We should respect and show our love to everyone. Participating in social services and community actions has changed me a lot. I know more about the society. Let’s work together to tear off the poor labeling on their back by caring.