Local & Global Citizens

HO Cheuk Lam
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Government & International Studies
Recipient of Social Sciences
Undergraduate Scholarships (Community Action)AY2018-19

I am glad that I was selected as the recipient of the Social Sciences Scholarships for Community Action. As a University student, not only should we fulfill our responsibility as a student and study hard, but also to fulfill the responsibility as a local or global citizens – to serve the others. As a passionate and outgoing young adult, I am always fascinated by impressive projects that promote equality and well-being for people. Through different volunteering experiences, I have always been inspired by the others through interactions with different people from different background. As a final year student, so far, I have been joining various local and overseas volunteer works throughout the years. All the experiences during the local services or service trips in overseas like Nepal, Taiwan and Mexico broadened my horizons by knowing the real situations of different target groups of the underprivileged people and ways to empower them for further self-help or sustainable development. As an energetic, committed and passionate young adult, I will further engage in various community actions upon graduation.