Life to serve others

TAM Lok Ling Tirzah
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in China Studies – Sociology
Recipient of Social Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships (Community Action)AY2018-19

As a recipient of the Social Science Scholarship (Community Action) this year, it is my great honour to share my experiences in community service. Last year was a special year for me, as I took part in different volunteer programmes and social service internships. From late 2017 to early 2018, I participated in a Global Vision programme with the theme of “Refugee Crisis”, to join local services and service trip to Germany, as well as organizing the “Refugee Awareness Week” for HKBU students. And during the summer semester break of 2018, as a social service intern in a multi-national NGO, I went to Tainan for a volunteer exchange programme for two months, to conduct local community services, school camps and an international leadership training programme with other interns. The people I met were the biggest presents I received from the two programmes, as I was able to listen to the stories of the people I served and to share my passion towards community service with other volunteers. Those people taught me what “service” truly means: “When you are serving others, you always receive more than you give away.”

Short-term volunteering is not the end of “Community Action”. More important is that, we can treat “Community Action” as a life-long journey of serving others, with our own professions and talents. As a sociology student, I always feel the urge to develop a linkage between what I learnt, to a more practical aspect of community services. In the future, I will continue to participate in more volunteer works and global conferences. I hope that my experiences can encourage others to take actions in social issues they concern about, and make small contributions to change the world!