Just try it out without Hesitation

LAU Pak Him
Bachelor of Social Work(Hons) 
Recipient of Social Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships (academic excellence)AY2018-19

 It is a great honour to be awarded the Social Sciences Scholarships for Academic Excellence in 2018/19. In this writing, I would also like to thank the ones who have supported me always without complaints. Only with your support, I could find who I am and pursue my dream.

As a social work student, I feel fortunate to study in this discipline. It is because this is what I am eager to study. Not only giving us related knowledge and some concrete counselling skills, but the study of social work also teaches us to be open-minded to different views in society and to fight for justice in society. I feel passionate and have a sense of mission to contribute to society once graduated. I hope I could keep this in mind in my future work.

I have also joined a programme related to children outside. My duty in the programme is to help children their homework and at the same time play games with them that train concentration and other important traits like patience. This programme enriches me with experience to get along with children, and I also learn that every child is unique and full of potentials. 

“Just try it without hesitation” is what I always remind myself. Mere thinking and inaction would not help always. So, just take the first step to try, see if it is what you like to pursue and make your university life more fruitful!