He that travels far knows much

NG Man Lok
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in  China Studies – History
Recipient of Social Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships (academic excellence)AY2018-19

It is such an honour to be selected as the recipient of the Social Sciences Scholarships for Academic Excellence. I am grateful to the Faculty of Social Sciences, as this award represents recognition for my effort. This motivates me to put more efforts in my studies in the future.

Have you ever heard of “He that travels far knows much”? I think this is a wise idiom. As a student majoring in China Studies Programme, I have to study courses from wide spectrum of disciplines, like History, Sociology, Economics and Geography. Very often, I encounter some contradictory views during my study: for instance, it seems reasonable and logical from a sociologist perspective, but the contrary if considered in the economist perspective. However, are they truly contradictory? This keeps on bothering me until I travel to Singapore where it sparks the fire in my mind.

By comparing the similarities and differences between Singapore and Hong Kong, I learn that apparently contradictory views are not necessarily and inherently mutually exclusive. Just the opposite, there is almost always a correlation between every subject, view or value. We should assimilate knowledge acquired from various courses. Travelling around undoubtedly facilitates academic, we all should seize the chance for exchanging if we are fortunate.