University Life-What's impatant

WONG Hei Yin 
Bachelor of Arts(Hons) in History 
Recipient of Social Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships (academic excellence)AY2018-19

I am very honoured to be one of the recipients of the Social Science Scholarship in Academic Excellence in 2019.  As a History student, I take pride   of our department for its good teaching quality and ample support to students,   such as its resourceful electronic database and book collections, as well as the   various opportunities provided to students to broaden our horizon and be engaged in meaningful discussions and exchange of ideas with academics and students from all over the world. 

In order to gain as much as you can during your University life, I believe it is always important for you to pluck up the courage to step out from your comfort zone and discover your interests. The University has a strong network with other prestigious universities in the world, which allows its students to study in the University's counterparts and participate in,  for example,  seminars, workshops and study camps organized by different organizations. I do believe that the various courses and activities that I participated throughout the years have widened my spectrum of interests and horizon and allow me to identify my goal, which is continuous academic pursuit in the History area. 

I am committed to my education and once again thank you for granting me the Scholarship, which is a vote of confidence for my academic pursuit in the History area.