Mount Fuji Climbing Adventure

 This picture was taken in the start point of the Fujinomiya Trail Station (5th Station / 2400M)

Tang Chi Yiu 
Year 5 student, Bachelor of Arts(Hongs) in Physical Education and Recreation Management

Funded by the Faculty’s Student Experiential Learning Grant 2018-19, I have gone for my Mount Fuji Climbing Adventure this summer. There were a lot of obstacles in this hike. First of all, I have planned to hike on 8th of July Yoshida Trail but two trails were under maintenance.  In order to reach the top, the only solution for me was to change the route. However the rest of the two routes were not open until the 10th of July, and there were limited public transport to go those two trails. I have to change all my plan, including accommodation and transportation. I started climbing on 12th July and thankfully I managed to climb to the top. While I reached the top of the mountain, I still had to climb around 200 meters to point 3776. Those 200 meters was the longest 200 meters that I have been climbed in my entire life. As the oxygen content was relatively lower in that level, and I was really tired mentally and physically. I had to take a break once every 10 steps. That trail was so steep, the soil and rocks were hard, but I know the key to achieving my goal is to hang on. With this in mind, I had reached the top of the mountain. Through this trip, I have experienced that persistence leads to success. 

In addition to this, I can see all of the climbers are very self-disciplined because they would take with their own trash and bottles. There are no rubbish bins in the climbing trail, mount house or the top of the mountain. All the climbers, mainly Japanese were carrying their own trash bags and keep the garbage back to the ground. Despite this, I could not see any trash along the hiking trails.  This is very different to Hong Kong where the hiking trails are fully provided with trash bins, yet I still could see a lot of banana peels, bottles or apple cores along the trails.  The experience on Mount Fuji informed me that discipline is crucial for all of us. We are responsible for our own waste and respect the natural environment by avoiding any man-made pollution.

We should care for our natural environment and make an effort to protect it. This experience reminded me about the importance of our natural environment and directed us to a positive track of conservation of our nature.