Advocating Animal Rights

IP Yee Ki 
Year 4 student, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in China Studies

Funded by the Faculty’s Student Experiential Learning Grant (2018-19), I have joined the Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW), a non-profit charity based in south-west Thailand, this summer.  The LAW is an organization that protects animals around us. Their mission is to raise awareness of the hardship of homeless, sick, and injured animals, the benefits of adopting an animal in need, and our mission to end the homeless animal crisis.

Most of the people in Hong Kong found that doing something without remuneration is not smart but what makes volunteers so appreciated is that they are contributing for the community and helping the needy using their own time and money. What comes in my mind is that why volunteers are in short? And why would they become an urgent need for a community project?  Why doesn’t the government play a role? The problem is animal right has not being taken seriously in a society, where humans take control of every single right of what beneath it.

This month, I have seen what a non-funded organization in a remote island can do for animals. We do not actually have nice equipment and facility, but the endless love of volunteers take care of all the await-adopted animals every day and make sure they are well-treated according to their conditions. The work we are doing is not only about helping them to find a home and give them care, but it’s also the value we needed to educate people to respect all livings and adoption instead of purchase when it comes to getting a pet.

After this project, I realized that the government is an important key to establish laws and execute related procedures to solve the problem of stray dogs and cats, so we would not need volunteers anymore. The happiest news I have heard this month is that the HKSAR government finally carried out the proposal of a well-defined animal protection law, which strengthened with tougher penalties. Also, one of the dominant pet shops in Hong Kong Q-Pets announced that they will stop selling dogs and cats in all their branches and build an adoption corner and displayed await-adopted animals in the shop for those people who would like to have a pet. I would probably keep doing this in my community and I hope to see a Hong Kong with no more dogs straying on the street.