6 weeks Taipei Internship

 Apart from working, I went to some famous scenic spots in Taiwan during the weekend holiday.

Year 2 student, Bachelor of Social Work (Hons)

Funded by the Faculty’s Student Experiential Learning Grant (2018-19), the 6 weeks Taipei internship gave me a great chance to experience the living and working culture of Taiwan. It was also a rare opportunity to stay and work in Taiwan for such a long time.

I was attached to the Modern Women’s Foundation, an organization provides professional services to help those gender-based violence victims.  I was given the opportunity not only to participate in the publicity campaign of the Foundation but also joined their outgoing activities.

Apart from working, this trip allows me to experience the life of Taiwan and their culture. Taiwan has a different living atmosphere with Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, “fast” is one of the things we pursue, for example, we walk so fast and required to finish the job in a short time. However, it is a different story in Taiwan. The pace of life in Taiwan is relatively slow, both in daily life and work. This is one of the characteristics of Taiwanese’s life. I like the pace of living in Taiwan, which make me feel relaxed. Moreover, I observed that Taiwanese are enthusiastic, active and talkative. They are helpful and love to talk to you. I think this is a bit different from Hong Kong. Though Hong Kong people also very helpful and nice, we are more passive and shier.

This internship gave me a very good chance to experience and learn about the culture in Taiwan. Since the period of the internship is longer than travelling, so I had more opportunities to contact Taiwanese and investigate their daily life and habits. This is one of the reasons why I applied for an overseas internship.