An internship in Taiwan that paths my future

 The office that I stayed for doing administrative work. There were the products which were designed for raising money for the organization including T-shirts and pins. 

Year 2 student, Bachelor of Social Work (Hons)

Funded by the Faculty’s Student Experiential Learning Grant (2018-19), I have joined an internship in Taiwan. This internship helped me plan my future career and option as a social worker.  From the internship, I understand that managing resources and finance are very important in every organization, including in a welfare organization. In Taiwan, non-profit organizations have little governmental assistance. They need to reach a certain amount of capital and money to run programs for service users. I have tried to propose ideas and prepare proposals for raising funds for the organization during my internship period. For examples, we assisted a press conference with the topic of abuse between LGBT, wrote Facebook posts concerning the abused mothers as well as assisted talks to two universities in order to raise the public awareness of the topics concerned and helped raise funds for organizations’ following annual activities. Furthermore, I appreciated that I was able to work in a team, simultaneously, work individually.

In this trip, I have developed appropriate skills and workplace attitude. For example, I had good time management as I never came to the office late, I got my work done all before the deadlines. I also sought for more learning opportunities and practical sessions.

Furthermore, I was able recognize similarities and differences relating to social work practice between Taiwan and Hong Kong NGOs. I was able to critically evaluate my attributes and prepared for my future study. I was passionate about dealing with children and adults with their traumas. I realized I was able to share information with drawings and simple words with people during the internship when I needed to post newsfeed on the Facebook page. It was found that art has a powerful application in dealing with people with traumas. Thus, I decided to explore more on art application which could associate with social work practice.

If I had had more time, I would have met more people in the workplace. I started to get familiar with the colleagues when there were only two weeks left. I should have been more active in meeting people, especially with the local social work students there. It was because I found that they had both similar insights towards children witness domestic violence. Surprisingly, they had a clear picture of the legal procedure in Taiwan, which I did not pay attention to in the past. They reminded us that social worker should be familiar with the law that can protect our clients. Unfortunately, we met too late which we would be able to share and discuss more.